Tue. Apr 13th, 2021
townforge private blockchain game

Townforge is a new world-building multiplayer online game, with the ability to mine cryptocurrency, now available for download and use on a testing-only blockchain. Townforge uses a source code fork of the private cryptocurrency Monero to create a new cryptocurrency called Townforge Gold that can be spent inside and outside the game. Game activity is stored on the Townforge blockchain—not private servers giving the game a life of its own and limiting the potential for interference, even by game masters.

But Townforge offers much more than just in-game construction. The software creates—though a process called cryptocurrency mining—the Townforge Gold cryptocurrency, which is spendable in the game to buy land and other assets. With enough Townforge Gold, a player can even start a new town. An exciting aspect is that money spent in-game goes to town treasuries and is returned back to the players according to how well they perform. Players can gain wealth through competing in the free markets, by producing materials such as refined wood and stone, researching tech, and gathering rare collectibles such as mintable coins or rare gemstones. And all Townforge Gold can also be spent outside of the game.

“Townforge is a retro gamer’s dream come true in the crypto world. It couples modern 3D engine capabilities with emergent player-driven phenomena, and takes inspiration from the complexity of successful games in the simulation genre,” said T. D. Laajala (Syksy), co-developer of Townforge. “The formula is then given a novel twist by placing real digital currency at the core of gameplay.”

Unfolding gameplay is stored on the Townforge’s blockchain. While in-game actions are publicly visible by all, the link between a game account and a Townforge wallet is private, allowing Townforge Gold owners to play the game while keeping their privacy. All out-of-game transactions of the Townforge Gold cryptocurrency get the same exceptional privacy protection that Monero offers.

While leveraging the Monero source code, Townforge’s returns benefits to the Monero community. Townforge Gold is merge mined with Monero, meaning the same computer science puzzle can be used for mining the two different cryptocurrencies. Playing the game, therefore, strengthens Monero. Through this, Townforge represents a positive use of Monero, a cryptocurrency that is growing past its early association with the dark web.

“Townforge enables a new use for Monero’s network, securing other blockchains by allowing any Monero miner to mine multiple chains with no extra energy usage while increasing the security of the Monero network itself at the same time,” said Moneromooo, Townforge’s creator.

Townforge is a first, a remarkable unique application of Monero-level privacy to an engaging multiplayer online game that retains transparent in-game actions. It strengthens Monero and presents a path for other new cryptocurrencies to do the same.

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