Tue. Apr 13th, 2021

Courts in Shanghai are piloting court cases using blockchain technology. Recently, court attendants at the Minhang District court were told that the courts will use block chain to record an equity transfer contract dispute. About 100 courts and over 400 judges are trialing this new technology within this region.There are over 4000 trials that have been recorded using block chain technology so far.

How the courts are using blockchain tech

When a judge gets to his bench on the court, he strikes his mallet and clicks on a special software indicating the session has started. This special program converts and records all the audio conversations into text. This will be recorded on a special block chain. Once the session is over, the judge can close the program. All information concerning the case are also recorded on the program. This information may include the name of the file, the size of the file, the date when it was recorded and any other relevant information concerning the case at hand.

Adopting blockchain technology in this process saves on paperwork that would have been used for making the recordings. Secondly, manpower is also saved as the recording are done automatically. The files are also immutable and have been signed by all the participants in the case. They can’t be altered once signed.

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