Sun. Apr 11th, 2021

As the world witnessed Bitcoin’s notoriously volatile price in December 2017, firms specialized in providing mining solutions stepped up their efforts to solve consumer problems. Mining cryptocurrency has enabled large firms to be profitable in the long term. However, there is room for profit. The resulted arrays of mining firms have yet to deplete the fortune of thriving cryptocurrency because confidence has increased with larger players now backing firms involved in the cryptocurrency market. To be on the bright side, providing solutions to the public at a competitive price, ASICLine has launched two competitive miners of high value for the public to mine instantly.

FirstLine offers what other mining machine lacks. It works according to the old mining principle, which states that watching the hash rate and power consumption will do good for miners in their strategy to maximize profit. It comes with a hash rate of 410 TH/S for Bitcoin. Likewise, it does justice to Litecoin by offering 60 GH/s, as for Ethereum and Monero, its 8 GH/s, and 3 MH/s, respectively. Above all, it does it in 650W power consumption—something that a miner can trust. ASICLine’s another miner is even more powerful.

PowerBox is equipped with what you can call a miracle for mining cryptocurrency. It sounds right because it provides a hash rate of 1250 TH/s for Bitcoin, 180 GH/s for Litecoin, and interestingly, 24 GH/s for Ethereum. As for Monero, it is 9 MH/s. Notably, one gets it all in 1800W power consumption.

ASICLine brings the promise of mining cryptocurrency effectively in realization. It does it before technology giants can step up to sleeve cryptocurrency mining for their profit. By providing these two miners to the public at an affordable price, the CEO of ASICLine proves what he states, “The global lockdown has deprived millions of people from their livelihood, and we are happy to create a profitable work-for-home opportunity for all through ASICLine.”

Indirectly, ASICLine contributes to the livelihood of the unemployed public. From another angle, they are also creating an opportunity for entrepreneurship with their miners. Anyone with basic knowledge of finance will be able to witness a high profit from these mining machines because only a financially literate will opt for ASICLine miners. For instance, from FirstLine, we can expect $960 in Bitcoin mining. As for Ethereum, we can have a roadmap of no less than $6,345. Likewise, Monero mining can give up to $7,071.

Notably, these profits can see a swing from a low to high using PowerBox because it comes with $2,942 profit for Bitcoin, $21,000 for Monero, and Ethereum $19,000. According to our estimate, mining Litecoin with Powerbox will yield $12,400.Interestingly, the ASICLine pool has a zero fee, unlike other providers. All we need is an Internet connection and a wallet address. By launching FirstLine and PowerBox, ASICLine has completed its promise of providing an opportunity of livelihood for the general public. Furthermore, the company has opened a way for the adaptation of blockchain technology.

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