Mon. Jun 21st, 2021


Crypto AI coins will be the future of cryptocurrency.

Crypto coins are attracting everyone today. From investors to next-gen millennials, people are rushing to invest in cryptocurrency. But did you know, there are crypto AI coins? Crypto coins that revolve around artificial technology are set to take the center stage in the future.

Artificial intelligence is already used for multiple purposes from self-driving cars to even beating chess players. Experts suggest that future crypto coins will focus on virtual reality and robotics. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of AI crypto coins in the market. Let’s check out the top crypto AI coins.


SingularityNET is a decentralized marketplace for AI algorithms. It is the only platform that permits AIs to participate and facilitate at scale. SingularityNET allows anybody to adapt AI algorithms, permitting organizations, companies, and developers to purchase and sell AI at scale.

Current Price:  US$0.2580215

Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol is a tokenized service layer that reveals data, compute, storage, and algorithms for utilization with a bunch of deterministic proofs on availability and integrity that fill in as undeniable service agreements. Ocean protocol assists with unlocking information, especially for AI.

Current Price: US$0.67165


The Numeraire cryptocurrency is the product of the hedge fund company Numerai, which helps researchers to anticipate financial models utilizing encrypted data. The organization utilizes a blend of data science, AI, machine learning, and cryptography to accomplish its objective of crowdsourcing a brilliant financial model without forfeiting the secrecy of information.

Current Price: US$51.24

Fetch is a platform that means to associates Internet of Things (IoT) devices and algorithms to empower their collective learning. Fetch crypto is based on a high-throughput sharded ledger and offers smart contract abilities to deploy AI and machine learning solutions for decentralized problem-solving.

Current Price: US$0.36193

DeepBrain Chain

DeepBrain Chain (DBC) is a blockchain-based computing platform for AI that was intended to bring down user costs for processing power. It functions as a decentralized neural network. DeepBrain gives conventional AI scientists and others a reasonable, adaptable, and private framework to research and foster AI projects.

Current Price: US$0.0120703

Prometeus Network

Prometeus Network is a decentralized ecosystem intended to take care of real issues in data brokerage, made for the influencer marketing, medical, and insurance data market industries. Prometeus Network is created by Prometeus Labs

Current Price: $14.7410

Project PAI

Project PAI is a blockchain protocol for smart avatars in the AI economy. They make such avatars from the digital profiles of user’s behaviors online. They call them Personal Artificial Intelligence or PAI. Project PAI is established on the conviction that each individual on the planet should have their own digital avatar, who carries out all activities a human does.

Current Price: $0.0244407


Velas is a self-learning blockchain platform for secure, interoperable, amazingly scalable transactions and smart contracts. Velas utilizes AI-Operated DPOS (AIDPOS) agreement to get the blockchain for high volume transaction processing without forfeiting decentralization, stability, and security.

Current Price: $0.07838


Cortex is the first decentralized world PC equipped for running AI and AI-fueled DApps on the blockchain. Cortex adds machine learning capability to smart contracts and DApps to adapt to real-life use cases. Engineers can utilize the famous language Solidity and off-the-shelf AI models on the Cortex storage layer to make AI-powered DApps and smart contracts.

Current Price: US$0.1875630