Tue. May 18th, 2021

Cryptocurrency company BitPay has announced BitPay Send, a blockchain-powered bulk payment platform for businesses. With BitPay Send, the company plans to attract more companies by making it easier for global payments to be made through cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC).

According to the information obtained, BitPay Send will allow organizations that want to use crypto currencies without purchasing them to make collective payments with crypto currency. In addition, with Send, it will be possible to make collective payroll payments and to process customer repayment or reward programs.

“Payments are faster with BitPay Send”

Stephen Pair, CEO of the crypto money company BitPay, talked about the purpose of the service within the scope of the company’s statements regarding the announced new service. Stating that traditional international payment methods are useless and slow, Pair said that payments can now be made faster and at a lower cost.

Pair stated that the ease with which global payments can be made through cryptocurrencies may be of interest to companies. “With Send, companies will be able to make bulk payments very easily and quickly without the hassle of buying cryptocurrencies or managing their assets.”

Noting that there is an increase in the adoption of blockchain payments because it makes it easier to receive and send payments on a global scale, Pair explained that there is no exchange rate fee in Send. Stating that only a 1% fee was cut, the CEO stated that being able to make domestic and cross-border payments to companies with Send is more advantageous than many other bulk payment methods.

Send has been used by AdGate Media, an advertising platform for a while. The chairman of the platform, Dan Sapozhnikov, expressed his views on the website and expressed his views positively against the innovations brought by Send.

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