Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021


The deal brings over 100,000 new users to each other’s platform.

Bitget, a Singapore-based derivatives exchange, announced on Friday that it arranged a partnership with DigiMax, an artificial intelligence (AI) technology company. According to the press release, the deal includes a cross-referral program and a revenue-sharing program during the first year that seeks to bring over 100,000 users to both platforms.

That said, both firms will jointly develop an API system that would enable Bitget users to access CryptoHawk signals and allow them to one-button trading. “By joining hands with Bitget, CryptoHawk users will enjoy a more efficient and secure trading experience and gain access to automated trading from the CryptoHawk signals. We are excited to partner with Bitget to deliver ever-increasing value to both of our sets of users now and in the future,” Chris Carl, DigiMax CEO, commented.

Furthermore, Sandra Lou, the Bitget CEO, highlighted the AI-based trading signals feature: “We are very pleased to partner with DigiMax to better inform our users, allowing them to substantially increase their trading profits from the AI-based trading signals provided by CryptoHawk. In turn, we are excited to offer CryptoHawk subscribers a high-security, low-cost platform for both their individual and institutional accounts.”

As part of the agreement, both companies would also have a ‘one-button’ access on their systems, allowing them to send direct emails to their existing users to explain the benefits of the partner’s platform.

In May, Finance Magnates reported that Tel Aviv-based Kirobo, which is developing decentralized technology solutions, received a $5 million strategic investment from DigiCrypts Blockchain Solutions (DigiMax). The investment will help Kirobo to launch wealth management and crypto transaction products, which will be integrated into DigiMax’s offerings. Kirobo is specifically working on bringing centralized features to decentralized transactions. The startup already developed a solution that allows the cancellation of a transaction if it is sent to the wrong address. Furthermore, its solutions enable password protection of blockchain transactions.