Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021


This Cryptocurrency is Built for the Fractional Real Estate Sharing Economy of the Future

A breakthrough crypto-coin called FOHO Coin that converges the worlds of Blockchain, Real Estate and Technology is here. FOHO aims to build a blockchain-based transparent and trust- incentivizing system. FOHO is on a mission to democratize the real estate space. The platform uses the wisdom of crowds to uncover deals, while holding sellers, sponsors, organisers, realtors, lenders and other market participants accountable. The ecosystem is based on fractional sharing of real estate rentals and experiences with fractional ownership of residential and commercial real estate coming soon. The 4 pillars of the FOHO Ecosystem include FOHO Coin, FOHO Haus, FOHO Work, and FOHO Club. FOHO participants can now access world- class properties at a fraction of the price.

FOHO Haus is a blockchain-based residential real estate marketplace wherein people can buy and sell fractions of residential property. FOHO Work is like FOHO Haus with the only difference being, while FOHO Haus is involved with residential properties, FOHO Work deals with commercial properties like office spaces, warehouses, plantations etc. It enables people to own fractional commercial real estate assets through cryptocurrency. FOHO Club is where people come together to share usage of an asset or experience. Lastly, FOHO Coin is a utility token and enables participation in the FOHO ecosystem. Jason Fernandes, a renowned personality in the crypto space and a member of the FOHO advisory board says “FOHO is to the crypto space, what Uber is to the car-rentals industry. FOHO is enabling the fractional real estate ecosystem of the future and FOHO Coin is the first step to entering this shared economy.”

FOHO Holdings is promoted by globally successful companies Tangential and the Tripvillas Group. Tangentia has been part of the Profit 500 list of the fastest growing companies in Canada for 6 years in a row and Tangentia America, the US arm of the company has been listed on the INC 5000 fastest growing companies in the USA. Tripvillas Group is one of Asia’s largest holiday homes rental companies headquartered in Singapore. Given their extensive experience that spans over 20 years as well as their well-demonstrated potential, Tangentia and Tripvillas are well-equipped to launch and develop FOHO Coin.

FOHO Coin provides the foundation of the FOHO sharing economy. It is, as the founders describe, the ‘Lifeblood’ of the FOHO Ecosystem. FOHO is well poised to draw on the expertise of its founders and the businesses they control. FOHO also has a dream team advisory board that includes prominent figures from the fintech, crypto and marketing space.

Jason Fernandes is an entrepreneur, speaker, well-known blockchain industry figure and advisor to FOHO Coin. He founded FinTech media outlet, internet portal and co-invented the world’s first Internet-based DVR, RecordTV. Fernandes has featured in international outlets like the BBC, LA Times, Associated Press, MTV, Channel NewsAsia, and national outlets like India Today, ZeeTV and the Times of India.