Tue. Apr 13th, 2021

Most BTCs wallets containing Bitcoin are already smiling to the bank, as a report seen on Glassnote Twitter’s feed shows that 83% of Bitcoin addresses are in a state of profit up 43% since the crash in March. 

Recall that the number of individuals with Bitcoin (BTC) assets of 0.1 coins or more has broken into new all-time highs recently. 

Data obtained from a popular crypto data aggregator, Glassnode recently shows the number of Bitcoin wallets holding 0.1 bitcoins or more reaching a new record high of 3,054,282 beating out May 21’s previous record by about 212 addresses. 

How easy is tracking BTCs? It should be noted that Bitcoin is not really anonymous because all BTCs transactions are kept permanently and publicly on the blockchain or ledger system, so it’s very easy for anyone to see the transactions and balances of any BTC address. 

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